Partial Project List

Brumme Residence, Mercer Island, WA
1,000 s.f. Residential Addition / Renovation

Tiger Mountain House, issaquah, WA
6,500 s.f., Custom Residential

Leland - 17th Street, Bellevue, WA
5,000 s.f., Custom Residential

Fulp Landscape Elements, Mercer Island, WA
750 s.f., Custom Deck, Trellis and Outdoor Oven

Three Cedars Waldorf School, Bellevue, WA
28,000 s.f., School Master Plan and Addition

Vance Roadhouse, Bellevue, WA
3,000 s.f., Custom Residential

Wittman Residence, Mercer Island, WA
3,233 s.f., Residential Addition / Renovation

Mataja Residence, Gallery and Guest House, Malibu, CA
7,000 s.f., Custom Residential

Rowland Residence and Hangar, Pointe, TX
6,600 s.f., Custom Residential / 8,400 s.f., Plane Hangar

Longfellow Creek Stream Restoration, West Seattle, WA
Team Member / Design Consultant
Information Kiosks, Obelisks and Pergola

Valley Womenís Clinic, Covington, WA
2,500 s.f., Medical Office T.I.

Hipp Vacation House, Hood Canal, WA
1,800 s.f., Vacation Home

Soderling Residence, Woodinville, WA
1,100 s.f., Residential Addition / Renovation

City of South Gate Community Center and Seaborg House/Museum
9,000 s.f., Adaptive Reuse, Renovation, Civic Planning

Seaborg Court, South Gate, CA
5 units, Affordable Detached Housing

Acorn Paper Products Corporate Office, Los Angeles, CA
15,000 s.f., Adaptive Reuse - Office

Bloore Residence, Pacific Palisades, CA
4,400 s.f., Residential Addition / Renovation

Steiner Residence, Beverly Hills, CA
4,200 s.f., Residential Addition / Renovation

Horowitz Residence, Los Angeles, CA
2,500 s.f., Residential Addition / Renovation

Green Residence, Flower Mound, TX
2,750 s.f., Custom Residential

Levenstein Residence, Los Angeles, CA
3,000 s.f., Addition / Renovation

Ramsay House, Carlsbad, CA
4,750 s.f., Historic Renovation / Addition

Hargitt House, ca. 1890, Norwalk, CA
Historic Accessibility Compliance

Bell House, ca. 1880, Bell, CA
Historic Restoration, Adaptive Reuse

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