Acorn Paper Products Corporate Offices

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This paper packaging company sits in an industrial area southeast of downtown Los Angeles. The fast growing company had outgrown its corporate offices housed on the first floor of the existing two-story concrete and brick structure. The second floor space immediately above, was underutilized and primarily dedicated to storage. To accommodate the expanding office requirements the storage area was relocated and transformed into approximately 15,000 sq. ft. of desperately needed office space. The program called for second floor lobby, corporate offices, open offices for marketing and sales, conference room, corporate exercise room, restrooms and file storage.

Walls, floors and roof trusses were cleaned, sandblasted and/or polished and left exposed to accentuate the industrial setting. Skylights and two-story volumes were cut into the existing roof and floor to introduce as much natural light within an otherwise darkened structure. The form and material of new walls and canopies were conceived and executed as folded paper planes to celebrate the very process and commodity by which this company exists.

Construction was completed in 1997.

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