GEORGE DANIEL WITTMAN / architects, pllc prides itself on providing architectural, interior and planning services dedicated to the highest degree of design, professionalism and client service. Our philosophy is based on a client specific and site sensitive response to each and every design opportunity. Our ultimate goal is to imbue each project with a creative spirit that is at once artistic and timeless.

We listen closely to our clients, developing relationships fundamental to evolving appropriate design. We strongly believe communication and teamwork are crucial to the success of the architectural design and construction process. The resulting project should reflect the dreams and design goals of the client, be uniquely responsive to the project site and budget and from this process, the design inspiration for each project evolves. We want the design process to be both a meaningful and enjoyable experience for client, architect and contractor.

We believe in sustainability. We are committed to the unification of craft and building technology, which we view as integral tools to explore and develop the design solution and construction process. We are dedicated to state-of-the-art computer technologies as visualization and communication tools to best serve the client and effectively translate our ideas to the building form. GEORGE DANIEL WITTMAN / architects, pllc by virtue of it’s highly personalized service and twenty-years of experience, offers integrated professional services to guide each project successfully and smoothly from design through construction.

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