Residential : Addition & Remodel

Horowitz Residence

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This addition / remodel to an existing wood shingled gambrel roofed cottage in the Hollywood Hills called for a Master Bedroom suite above an existing garage. The rear yard of the corner lot includes a grove of towering eucalyptus trees.
The Owner’s desire was to have the addition emulate the character and materiality of the existing structure. The addition, therefore, took the form of the existing salt box with steeply raked sides on the facade facing the street. Toward the rear, however, the roof profile was flipped up and a series of windows and glass doors were added to expose the interior of the Master Bedroom to the view of the eucalyptus grove. In addition, a wooden deck cantilever’s out from the structure into the trees, enabling the Owner’s physical access to this natural setting, akin to an elaborate “tree-house”.

Construction was completed in 1996.

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