Bloore Residence

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This 3,400 sq. ft. residence for a family of four sits on a compact unstable site overlooking a canyon leading to the Pacific Ocean. The existing structure experienced significant damage from the Northridge earthquake in 1993 and was subsequently completely redesigned and rebuilt. After demolition of the existing structure the site was stabilized with a series of piles at the top of the slope paralleling the projected line of instability.

The Owners requested that the bedrooms be moved to the first floor and the main living spaces to the second floor to take advantage of the views to the canyon and ocean below. This reversal of the existing layout presented an opportunity to breakdown the building’s boxy form prescribed by the compact site and small building footprint. Generous decks were added off these second story living spaces to extend the interior outward and to take advantage of the benign Southern California climate.

The main entry, a sweeping stair and horizontal circulation zone at the middle of the structure is emphasized by a vaulted roof that houses a library and sitting room at the third floor. This crows-nest like space features three walls of glass for a 270 degree view of the canyon and ocean.

Construction was completed in 1997.

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