Residential : Multi-Family

Trinity/30th Avenue Townhomes with
Pb Elemental

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This multifamily development designed as a speculative venture with Pb Elemental features eight units in the Leschi neighborhood of Seattle, WA. The Project is composed of two sets of triplexes and a duplex townhouse to the rear. The 3, three-story structures are arranged on the 14,710 square foot site so as to take advantage of views to the Cascade Mountains to the east.

The site gradually slopes from the alley access on the west down to the 30th Avenue to the east with a very steep gradient for the last twenty feet to the sidewalk along the street. The exaggerated slope at the street required that the on-grade uncovered parking be located off the alley. Each of the Units is stepped slightly to match the slope of the site and helps minimize costly retaining conditions.

A communal courtyard courses through the site and provides both the required private open space and also pedestrian access to each of the units. In addition to the on-grade open space, generous roof decks allow for additional outdoor entertainment and the most dramatic views of the Cascade Mountains and Mount Rainier.

Exterior openings have been strategically placed to ensure privacy while still taking advantage of the available mountain views. Exterior materials include: composite aluminum panels and cedar siding both detailed as rain-screens.

Design was completed in 2008.

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