Residential : Addition & Remodel

Levenstein Residence

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This Project located in the hills immediately north of downtown Los Angeles overlooks the gritty hustle and bustle of Interstate 5, the Los Angeles River and the tracks of Southern Pacific and Metro Rail below. The original one-story structure featured post and beam construction and was located precariously over a steeply sloped grade with access to the structure at the uppermost portion of the site.

The existing living spaces and decks were remodeled and expanded while new programmatic elements including; Master Bedroom, Master Bath, Deck, Guest Room / Study and Bathroom were added below the existing living level and connected to it via a prominent stair tower.

Structural and mass projections were intended to break down the scale of the hillside walls while the stair was intended as a visual anchor for each of the two new wings that splay out from it to the industrial view below.

Construction was completed in 1996.

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