Kent Commerce
with Tiscareno Associates

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This Project involves the Adaptive Reuse of an existing tilt-up concrete warehouse that is intended to house the Corporate Headquarters, Retail Showroom and Warehousing facility for a notable local Contemporary Furniture Company.  It represented a joint design effort with Tiscareno Associates to transform the ramshackle structure set in the vast tract of industrial and warehouse properties along the Highway 167 Corridor south of Seattle.

The design was intended to take advantage of the property’s strategic location along a major commercial thoroughfare which the current design ignored.  This reorganizing strategy will require the partial demolition of the eastern portion of the existing structure and the construction of a new two story wing that parallels the boulevard and is composed of generous amounts of glass, steel cladding and new tilt-up concrete panels strategically located to recall the existing structure.

The Ground Level includes a Two Story Entry / Reception Area, 1,200 square feet of Retail Offices and a 9,103 square foot Showroom and a 1,500 square foot Shipping and Receiving Area which includes a new Dock.  The Upper Level includes 8,500 square feet of Offices and Support Facilities.

Bold corporate logos and graphics are embedded in the architecture to help identify the new commercial use of the structure and announce the presence of the Company.  A revised Parking layout with new access points, copious amounts of Landscaping and new monument sign at the street corner help to further transform the property.  New metal siding, an enlarged fascia and new painted color scheme of the existing structure will complete the Project improvements.

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