Vance Roadhouse

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This Project called for the design of a new Guest House along the Street frontage of the Property which is located in the Enatai neighborhood of Bellevue, Washington. The proposed residence was to replace an existing mid-century structure with a daylight basement that served previously as a rental unit for the Main Residence located at the rear of the nearly one acre wooded parcel. The Owner requested that the design exhibit the characteristics of Contemporary Northwest Lodge constructions with generous use of exposed timbers and stone, vaulted ceilings and a monumental fireplace and expansive decks.

 In addition to accommodating overnight guests, the new structure was also intended to provide a stand-alone entertainment area for both children and adults that complemented the entertaining options at the Main Residence. The project was situated in generally the same location as the existing structure to allow the central portion of the lot to remain as an open green space and to provide as much buffer from the Main Residence as possible. This requirement dictated that the Project be constrained by the irregular shape of the front setback to the north along the street and to the south by an existing sewer easement that could not be economically relocated.

The lower level includes a Garage / Shop area to house and service up to five of the Owner’s vintage automobiles and a Vault / Display Room to securely store and display the Owner’s antique firearms collection. The upper level includes all the Living spaces and Bedrooms with a generous Deck that opens to the Rear Yard.

Due to the sloping nature of the site the latter two elements were located on the ground floor of the daylight Basement configuration while the Upper Level was designated for Guest Living and the Adult Entertainment areas which included a generous south facing deck that overlooked the greenbelt. A child’s retreat was located as a loft-like element above the Main Living area with access via a ships ladder.

Design was completed in 2006. 

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