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Rowland Hangar

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A 300 acre site with a 17 acre lake, 2,800 foot long grass landing strip and stately oaks located in the rolling countryside of east Texas provides the setting for this Project which consists of a 6,400 sq. ft. Main House and 7,500 sq. ft. detached Hangar Building.

The House is located on one level at the north end of the runway and wraps itself around an existing grove of oaks. This building configuration forms an intimate courtyard as an internal focus for the dwelling while allowing views down and past the runway to the lake and oak groves to the west and south. Paved and planted terraces serve as transitional elements between the dwelling and the native landscape.

The Hangar is situated near mid-point of the runway and includes space for up to eight of the Owners vintage aircraft which they collect and restore. It also includes a shop and office, storage loft and lookout. The steel structure will be clad in metal siding and features a gently curved roof over the hangar space and opposing shed roofs over the office/shop block. A glazed stair skews off the building’s grid and penetrates the metal siding as it leads up to the lookout.

Construction was completed in 2000.


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