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Community Solar

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This design opportunity evolved from the Architect’s volunteer efforts with the Community Solar Guild in joint cooperation with the Green Ribbon Council (GRC) and Puget Sound Energy (PSE). The union of these three entities was established to promote the Green Power Challenge on Mercer Island, whose intent, was to gain support among its citizens for the use of Green Power in exchange for a $25,000 grant for use on a Community Solar Project on the Island.

The proposed Site is located on the Community Center property near Luther Burbank Park on the Northeast end of Mercer Island. This Site represents a prime candidate for a Community Solar Project due to its exceptional solar orientation and its great public exposure.

Three options were submitted each able to support the installation of a 5 Kilowatt array of photovoltaic panels. Two options call for ground mounted aluminum structural frames for support of the panels. A third option envisions a grouping of metal “Solar Tree” sculptures that would line the medians of the existing parking lot.

Beyond the direct benefit of providing green power for the participating residents, the Project was also intended to serve as an educational resource for the community and a demonstration Project for the Island’s sustainability efforts.

Design was completed in 2011.

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