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Green Container House - Scheme 1

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This small Vacation House on a large wooded lot near Pagosa Springs, Colorado is created from a pair of 40 foot Storage Containers. The Containers are each oriented toward one of two Rocky Mountain Peaks that dominate the view to the north of the property.

The west container houses the “Sleeping Wing” which is axially aligned with Pagosa Peak while the east container houses the “Living Wing” and is aligned with Eagle Peak. Each of these “Wings” are connected by a more conventionally constructed Entry/Living space sporting a shed type roof with exaggerated overhangs. The Entry/Living space opens to an expansive wooden deck for outdoor living and entertainment.

The Interiors are minimally appointed and decidedly rustic to celebrate the natural setting and to promote a camp-like experience for its inhabitants. Efficiency and Sustainability were paramount factors in the design. The two bedroom project has an area under 800 square feet and features a pre-fabricated compact kitchen unit. Roof mounted photo-voltaic panels provide supplemental power and wall mounted heat-pump units help enhance the passive heating and cooling characteristics of the project.

 Design was completed in 2011.

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