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The need for protection from nature’s elements, of western sun and northwest rain, were the impetus for the redesign of the rear yard of this existing Mercer Island home. An existing deck which was rendered virtually unusable prompted the Owner of this Project to make wholesale changes to the Landscape elements in his rear yard. The necessity to provide protection from afternoon sun throughout the Summer and unrelenting dampness the rest of the year gave the Owner, who enjoys both cooking and entertaining to create a unique outdoor entertainment area.

Nearly 600 square feet of new deck, with sliding patio doors, extensive trellising, built-in seating, a water feature and exterior fireplace grace the entire west face of the existing structure. The main trellis, sports a convenient motorized and retractable shade cloth awning whose tracks are integrated into the tops of the trellis supports. In addition, a new "folly" anchors the northwest corner of the rear yard. A bake oven, rendered in the same form and materials as the Residence and Deck, in miniature, ties the whole ensemble together. The bake oven not only fills a utilitarian function but also creates a stylish and engaging visual element for outdoor gatherings.

Construction was completed in 2006.

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