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Brumme Bathroom Remodel

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This Master Bathroom Renovation was the last phase of a much larger multi-phased whole house Addition/Remodel. It was intended to bring a decidedly modern aesthetic to what had been a more traditionally appointed space. The Owner’s, who have recently become “empty nesters”, have developed a more sophisticated lifestyle and the existing bathroom had become stylistically dated for their current taste. They also intended that the Master Bathroom integrate with the improvements to the rest of the structure.

The main structural elements of the design involved enlarging the windows facing Lake Washington to the east to allow access to the view while bathing. The sill height of the existing windows disrupted that view. The existing tub had been set in a large marble clad platform. The existing tub and platform have been removed. The new oval shaped tub is a free standing element that takes on a more sculptural presence in the space.

The shower has been updated with new fixtures and the tiled curb and bulky tile bench have been eliminated to give the shower a more open feel. A new stainless steel strip drain has been added along the length of the back wall and the new clear tempered glass enclosure has been outfitted with spider hinges.

The existing light colored maple vanity has been replaced by new Sapele Cabinets to match the Cabinets throughout the rest of the house and topped with a Composite Quartz countertop. The north wall surrounding the vanity is clad in Sapele hardwood panels that match the adjoining cabinet. Mirrors have been held slightly offset from the wood panels to create a delicate floating effect for these glass elements.

New Ceramic Tile in shades of muted grey have been employed on flooring and walls to complement and integrate all the elements within the space. And lighting selections at the vanity include both pendants and linear wall brackets serve as finishing appointments to the ensemble.

Construction was completed in 2012.

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